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Forget “Sucker Punched” I got kicked in the B*!@&% after that movie

Last weekend I had a couple bucks namely 12.50 and I went to see a movie called, Sucker Punched. At the time I was thinking, you have actors such as Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, and Scott Glenn, there is women and action involved i’m intrigued. So story … Continue reading

FT-86 Reborn… Only wish I could drive this on Akina Mt.

For my Initial D fans, yes the 86 has been reborn. For some people who don’t know anime car show  Initial D. Was a show about a kid Takumi Fijiwara who made deliveries for his father’s tofu shop. He drove up and down a mountain called Mt Akina. Mt. Akina is known for its deadly … Continue reading

Past Adventures with 9th.P from NY to AFRICA

Today, I was thinking its 2011 and I’ve gone on some good adventures… From NY to Ghana, Africa. Of course on some of these adventures, I was a with my wolf pack or was a solo artist on my adventure. My trips to the “concrete jungle” are always my favorite. Taking the subway from BK … Continue reading

I will put the “FEAR OF GOD” in to you

Yeeuck, yes that sound is none other than Pusha T. and his eclectic  mixtape Fear of God. This 13 track mixtape features rappers such as, 50 cent, Pharrell, Kanye West, Soulja Boy, Ricky Rozay Ross, Ab-Liva and so on. I must admit one thing; I  throughly enjoy this mixtape, and have been a fan of … Continue reading

PlayStation Plus Members… Green Up! SOCOM 4 Multiplayer-Beta Starts on March 22nd!

SOCOM, SOCOM, SOCOM. Yes, I am very happy to have the full SOCOM game experience this time around. Yes, I am very happy that Zipper is back behind the steering wheel. No, that does not mean I am taking a cheap shot at Slant Six Games for the SOCOM: Confrontation game. I commend them, and … Continue reading

Its not “Revenge” its Punishment….

Today I was bit bored Sunday so I figured to see what i have on my computer and my personal archives, and i noticed a pattern in my movie selection. Most of the movies I rant about and rave about all deal with Revenge and Vengeance. So I decided to categroize from 1-5 which are … Continue reading

A Tic Tac that Makes my Brain “Limit-Less”

Now I know i’ve seen this preview time and time again the on television, But you can’t helped but be intriguied about this movie. A dead end writer played by Bradley Cooper, who is down on his luck runs into a old friend who bestoys him a magic pill. This Magic pill bestows him the … Continue reading

Battle: Los Angeles… Was it Good?

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT going to spoil the movie beyond anything that is showing on the trailers as far as visuals go. With that said. I will come right out and say, Yes, I did enjoy the movie. If I had to BUY or SALE on this movie. I’d definitely would say BUY. Now … Continue reading

R.I.P. Nate Dogg & SMH at the Yahoo FAIL Moment!

March 15: Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Dwayne Hail, passed away. He was only 41-years-old. Nate Dogg is one of my favorite Hip-Hop/R&B artists. I remember the first time I heard him… it was also the first time I ever seen what he looked like. The infamous classic G-Funk video by Warren G & Nate Dogg called … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel

“Don’t Be Cruel” is a song performed by Bobby Brown. In the late 80s, after his New Edition intro, Bobby Brown entered the R&B scene on fire. Don’t believe me? Lets read this from wiki (LOL) Don’t Be Cruel was the best-selling album in 1989, eventually going seven times Platinum. The album is the 33rd … Continue reading

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