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Big Three? Big Whoop!

Once again, the the “Big Three” has taken another loss to the younger so called faster team of the Bulls. To tell you the truth they probably had Michael Jordan’s Aura shining over them to win the game. The Bulls won 87- 86 with some questionable calls made. But hey thats basketball; calls don’t win the game,  points do.. Just have to be a little bit more persuasive to the referees. Was it a trip was a push, who knows it should of been argued, but of course this isn’t madden where you review the play and have it overturned. So with that being said The Heat is couldn’t warm and bum on the street. In fact it was said that most Heat players were crying from taking this loss. I know Lebron, Wade and Bosh are taking this really personally. I feel as they go on they are going to be either out for blood or just going to fade. All in All good job for the Bulls D.Rose and L. Deng once again showing that they aren’t just lucky. Looks like 2 are better than  3 hmm… who would of thought. I guess the only big 3 is the place the Bulls have on the East in their conference.


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