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FT-86 Reborn… Only wish I could drive this on Akina Mt.

For my Initial D fans, yes the 86 has been reborn. For some people who don’t know anime car show  Initial D. Was a show about a kid Takumi Fijiwara who made deliveries for his father’s tofu shop. He drove up and down a mountain called Mt Akina. Mt. Akina is known for its deadly turns, and it was perfect for kids to race and test their drifting skills. Takumi was not only mastered the mountain, but has the fastest time up and down the hill while driving a Toyota AE-86, which wasn’t a car anyone would normally race. The Toyota AE -86 got its popularity from this show as well as actually being a good drifiting car for some. They also had other models Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter Trueno.

Now at the present year the car as been reborn and is Toyota FT-86. Now I’m a bit of a car enthusiast and I must say, people will be intrigued by this car. My thoughts of buying and an EVO X might be swayed, for various reasons, but time will tell.

From the exterior of the car to the interior have revamped to an automobile of beauty…. For most car aficionados are wondering is, “how fast does baby go? Before I decide to give a turbo and new struts and new intercooler” etc. Well it hasn’t been told how fast it can go from my radar. But its top competitors are a Nissan 370Z and a Mustang. Now those are some tough competitors. Also in a sense of price this car will be 22,000 to 25000. Personally i’m not happy with that price, but of course i’m not driving a Honda Civic here.. I will say this it is a bit affordable compared to an Evo..  This car is still in its Concept stage, but if your in Europe you might be able to witness one on the road. For people like the self who are awaiting this car in the states it will be available in Summer of 2012.. I will be saving up and looking for the base model unless I got extra for money for the Special edition. Guess i’ll be stuck at home longer… and college loans will have a tough time chasing me once i get this car. Eat my dust Sallie Mae!!! For now I’ll just watch Tokyo Drift.

Cheers, My Fast and Furious Enthusiasts


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