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White Iphone?? or Iphone 5 lets be Real!

Now I’m  not going to lie the White Iphone4 is sexy and of course its different color than black. Although,  I didn’t exactly have a choice when I was buying my iphone 4 in color. The Iphone capablities are no different white or black, its all the same.  It kinda sounds like i’m being discriminatory, … Continue reading

Top 25 Favorite ECW Wrestlers by Snow

Please note, these TOP 25 are MY FAVORITES, and that I am not saying that these are the BEST or anything like that. My list is composed of the ECW entertainers that left a great after taste, waaaaay after ECW (the original) have been faded away. Some of them gave me matches that I will … Continue reading

ABDC Americas Best Dance Crew Returns (April 7th.)

  ABDC finally returns for its 6th season, I know my friend Snownasty isn’t a big fan of this.. But I still enjoy different types of dance. Breaking, Bboying, Isolations, Tutting, Bruk up, Pop Locking, Ticking, Reggae Dances, Salsa and various spanish dancing, Krumping, Dougie, and so on. Every year another crew wins but majorly … Continue reading

Canon T3i Release

Novices and Pro photographers alike, should like this. Yes the Canon T3i or 600D to our European folks. Personally, I enjoy photography though i’m still a novice, and learning day by day as I take my photos. I find that most or at least half of the photographers don’t mind sharing their ideas or thoughts. … Continue reading

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