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Canon T3i Release

Novices and Pro photographers alike, should like this. Yes the Canon T3i or 600D to our European folks. Personally, I enjoy photography though i’m still a novice, and learning day by day as I take my photos. I find that most or at least half of the photographers don’t mind sharing their ideas or thoughts. Though some rather just let you experience things by yourself. I also use my Canon T2i for videos, which I really find it great for, since i used to have a point and shoot Sony Cybershot Tx7 which is big increase. To see they have another updated version of my camera makes me wonder should I have waited.

Now in comparsion to my camera, the T3i has these added features.

Articulating 3″ Monitor, just like the 60D
– Manual Audio Gain Controls for video recording
– Built in Flash Transmitter just like the 60D and 7D
– New In camera processing tools, just like the 60D.
– New Easy to use Flash Transmitter menu.
– New High Resolution 10x “Zoom” feature for video.

Now to have a 10x zoom when its on recording mode, is insane to me personally. Also  I might add the LCD screen actually flips out and can see by who your taking a shot of. Which gives it more of a recorder feel to it.

Now of course this camera is placed at 899.99, yup there is no real way around that. I would say give it a couple months before the price goes down. Or if you already have some lenses I say just get the body of this camera, it will be less damaging to your wallet. In fact, because of this post I think i’ll go take some snaps since, its a nice day or at least plan to make a trip to NY this weekend or the next.

Cheers, and Say Cheese..


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2 thoughts on “Canon T3i Release

  1. CAM seems nice. Make sure u take some pix & upload some examples per each setting. That would be great to see. I may take some pix soon w/ my a330 since the weather is nice.

    Posted by Snow Addy | April 3, 2011, 4:16 pm
    • its the same as my t2i they upgraded the zoom quality on the camera and made the lcd flip.. So its pretty much the same thing.. nothing super substantial.. I mean the lcd flipping out is nice, but i feel will cause some issues it it breaks.. But if they put more mega pixels or a crazy metering system.. then i’ll stick to my guns

      Posted by 9thprophet | April 3, 2011, 5:34 pm

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