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X-Men: First Class is One Class You Don’t Want to Skip (X-Men: First Class Review)

As usual when I write my movie reviews, I will try not to add any spoilers or take away from the movie. I am no critic, I am a paying fan that enjoys movies like everyone else. Now that I got that waste of lines out the way, X-Men: First Class is a MUST SEE … Continue reading

Fast Five has Less Cars with More Action

Okay, so my homie @9thProphet wrote a review on Fast Five when the movie came out. I waited to see the movie. Yes, I saw the movie in JUNE. This article is written NOT TO SPOIL but feed your interest taste buds, if you haven’t seen it already. WHY DID I WAIT? Well, I have … Continue reading

Watch the Priest Kick Some Ass in 3D… Was it good though?

This quick review is a little tardy to the party, I been saw it, just… well… Never mind. With out spoiling the movie, here it goes. So this movie can be summed up quickly. One, there are vampires in this movie. Two, there are some pretty bad ass fighting Priests’ in this movie. Three, a … Continue reading

So, Are You “Jumping the Broom?” (Jumping the Broom Movie Review)

So I saw the movie, “Jumping the Broom”, and I will say that I did enjoy it. Though, I couldn’t help but think that its timing is off by three months. This should have been a February movie, or a beginning of spring movie. Yup, CHICK FLICK! Anyway, it’s good to see so many actors … Continue reading

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