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So, Are You “Jumping the Broom?” (Jumping the Broom Movie Review)

So I saw the movie, “Jumping the Broom”, and I will say that I did enjoy it. Though, I couldn’t help but think that its timing is off by three months. This should have been a February movie, or a beginning of spring movie. Yup, CHICK FLICK!

Anyway, it’s good to see so many actors in this one; you got Angela Basset & Loretta Devine as the mothers of the two people that are in love. The two kids are Paula Patton, whom I didn’t even remember from Hitch and Laz Alonzo, whom I remember from Stomp the Yard and is in Avatar & a few other movies that I don’t recall seeing him in.

Then you have, Meagan Good, Mike Epps, DeRay Davis, Tasha Smith (I like her a lot, I might have been crushing on her since the Tyler Perry “Why Did I Get Married?” movies), Pooch Hall, Romeo (Yes LIL ROMEO), and three more veterans T.D. Jakes, Brian Mitchell, & Gary Dourdan.

I know what you should be thinking, and trust, this is an issue that Hollywood is facing today, so I am happy they all found work. Any way.

The movie is cool. It is about love between two people that have different family upbringings. One is from the down bottom & has managed to work their way up, but their family hasn’t made them upgrades. The other comes from a higher social class family with high expectations and well, money. Both black families have one thing in common & it will come to the light in this movie, a theme that I know is true with a lot of people going through similar events.

With out telling you any real spoilers, I do feel that the movie is good & was probably missed due to the bad calendar placement. I DO think this will be a great DVD/Blu-Ray rental, maybe major on Netflix streams.

If you haven’t seen it in theatres already, I do recommend renting or buying.

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