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Snow Goes 2 Guns up in his Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay and Commentary

What’s up ya’ll? This is Snow, writing to you again about BATTLEFIELD 3. Yes, I got my hands on the BETA & had a blast with it. Now, again, this is a BETA so of course there were a slew of issues to be ironed out. The game was still enjoyable & I am happy … Continue reading

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Gameplay with Snow on Team Objective Mode

So, Snow is back again with another game video. This time, I will be showing some of my Uncharted 3 Multiplayer gameplay. The mode is known as “Team Objective Mode.” Have a look & leave some of your thoughts on the game itself. If you can’t view the video, then visit watch it at our … Continue reading


So my favorite show, is back. “HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA SEASON 2” !!   If  you have a never watched this show its about to New Yorkers who are  best friends out on their grind trying to create a Clothing line, and their trials and tribulations in starting this line. Between their love lives, … Continue reading

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