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Retro Jordan Cement 3s “To the Retro Vault You Go.”

Thats right Black Friday, sneaker stores released the Retro Jordan  3 Cements. Now for all you Sneaker-heads, Hype-beasts, Sneaker Connoisseurs;  or that kid who always wanted a pair of J’s this is one of the many Jordans people have lusted for.

Finally back into the “Retro World” once again I know it was a battle to get these, but if you are one of lucky few to get your hands on these or even a second pair, hold on to them tight. By the looks of FlightClub they are going for a cool 250 to 275, OUCH! To think these were 170 and they are already 250. It seems the sneaker world commerce is trying getting a extra buck on these, but if you weren’t lucky enough to get these you have a second chance so to speak.

December 3, 2011 These Flip 3 Jordans will be released. Now these are also looking at 175, but are little more difficult to get. If you live in CT like myself you will be camped out at Salvins trying to get this pair of art on your feet. As for my New Yorkers your looking at vast array of sneaker spots you can pick this up at. Fair warning your choices are standing in a long line or online websites crashing are mighty high, but plan well and you will be successful. Also check out my post on 9thprophet.com on my personal battle to get these Cements

CHEERS, Sneaker Patrons


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