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Captain America! Thumbs Up Solider! (Movie Review)

Just like the Thor movie that I wrote about, I also give this one a pass as a precursor to watching the Avengers movie coming out May 4th. Now yes, the Captain America movie is also a bridge and set up movie. I mean, the official name of the movie is “Captain America: The First … Continue reading

The Thor Movie was Better than I Expected

If you’ve clicked on this post, I am sure you have noted the date and may say to yourself “This kid is uber later!” My response, Yes! So what! Life happens, what is important that I finally got to see it. Especially before the actual AVENGERS movie comes out on May 4th (I can’t wait!). … Continue reading

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta is Awesome!

Gather round fellow readers. That’s if you’re still reading and get on down to that old Snow fragging! [Dust off my shoulders] Excuse me, I had to paraphrase Jay-Z’s opening line from his “Ruler’s Back” song. Sorry for the long delay in posts… Life happens. I come to you today, happy in the world of … Continue reading

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