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The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta is Awesome!

 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Gather round fellow readers. That’s if you’re still reading and get on down to that old Snow fragging! [Dust off my shoulders] Excuse me, I had to paraphrase Jay-Z’s opening line from his “Ruler’s Back” song.

Sorry for the long delay in posts… Life happens. I come to you today, happy in the world of gaming. Today’s subject is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta. As you may or may not know, I am a huge SOCOM fan & Zipper has been disbanded as a developer. It really breaks my heart. With out going into details, it means I may not EVER get another new SOCOM game on a console (well, not really, I may have been seen some light. I am just going to be optimistic).

So where does a SOCOM head like me turn to? Ghost Recon! That’s where. On LifeStylesDefined.com, I wrote an article (with a video) about why Ghost Recon: Future Soldier should be the new home for SOCOM veterans. It may not work for all of them, but it will be a great game for most! I happen to be one of many on the beta version of this game, enjoying it!

On the Corpse Can’t Laugh YouTube Channel we a few gameplay videos. The first two that I would like to share is my live reaction to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta multiplayer on PS3. Have a look!

[Live Reaction] Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Multiplayer Gameplay | PS3

That was my first time playing and it was AWESOME! Takes a little time to get used to but, it is definitely a must have for me. As I said towards the end of the video, after the first game, I didn’t even need to play any more to know that I am purchasing in full! FYI: I had this game preordered for like a year already LOL.

My second game was a little better. Like the first one, live reaction & communication with fellow players. As a SOCOM player, COMMUNICATION is a MUST. It shows why we dominate EVERY other game as a TEAM when we play together. May not be the insane Kill/Death ratio that has been the craze for the last 4-5yrs but WE GET SHIT DONE for the WIN. The second game, at the end you can hear me and another SOCOM player finding each other and liking the new game… Also somewhere in the middle of the match, I talk about the ARC grenade from SOCOM and his response left a dagger in my heart, LOL. I played it smooth though!

PS3 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Multiplayer Gameplay (First Impressions)

I am very impressed with the game. I cannot wait for it to come out. You can play the ENTIRE campaign as a 4-player COOP experience! Oh Em Gee!

If you have played it, share your thoughts with me! Got questions? Ask them 🙂

Till next time readers! And A Corpse Can’t Laugh!



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