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Captain America! Thumbs Up Solider! (Movie Review)

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger

Just like the Thor movie that I wrote about, I also give this one a pass as a precursor to watching the Avengers movie coming out May 4th. Now yes, the Captain America movie is also a bridge and set up movie. I mean, the official name of the movie is “Captain America: The First Avenger” and that is all you need to know. This and several other movies where Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) pops in towards the end is setting up the Avengers moive.

This review should not have spoilers in it, it will be vague, enough to help you see or discuss with me. With that said, watch the trailer!

Okay, lets jump in. First thing I will clarify about this movie is, if you plan on watching the Avengers and have NO CLUE about who Capt. America is then you should see it. I strongly believe that the Avengers movie will NOT due background stories of each character in the movie with the exception of Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury. I will go even further to say that the Thor story outline may get an extended look here.

Oh Captain, My Captain! Captain America, is the super solider! I use that line to point out the beginning of the movie. HE starts off as a very skinny guy with a big heart that wants to fight the war. HE cannot get cleared in the several attempts he makes to join the army. So, naturally, there is always someone, waiting around some corner, ready to make a proposition or deal (lol at Ghost Rider) with you. Captain America, still known as Steve Rogers at this point (real name) is presented with such opportunity. HE…

Okay, let me go off a little bit. HE as in Steve Rogers is played by Chris Evans. Chris is no little skinny guy in real life. So before he is put into his naturally body to fill out as Captain America, the CGI in this movie has his head on a skinny Steve Rogers body played by someone else. This bothered ME for two reasons. One, my eyes are trained to see certain things (due to my profession) so I wasn’t able enjoy this part of the movie too much, but I got the background story. They did an excellent job on it to the average watcher, none of my friends caught on to it or was bothered by it, THIS COULD JUST BE ME.

Two, fucking Chris Evans is THE HUMAN TOURCH from the FANTASTIC FOUR movies! This really was getting to me in the movie where his face was bare. This may not be an issue for me, but to me this means no more Fantastic Four movies (a third one would be cool because they have great stories) and in my head, I kept saying “Flame on” during the movie. Again, THIS COULD JUST BE ME.

Other than those two things you that I’ve mentioned… the movie is good. You get to know about Captain America’s main villain in the movie, which is played by the man who is best quoted for saying “Mr. Anderson…” (Hugo Weaving ← weird name), is the Red Skull. I did have a few Captain America comics, growing up. I never got how he became the Red Skull and I will take the movies angle on it because it fits his wardrobe, lol. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it.

Captain America is a bridge movie and a set up movie much like the Thor movie. I believe they will try to get a part two for this one. The way it movie ends, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this gets a sequel. It hasn’t been announced yet but I think they are waiting to do so based on the Avengers success. Side note, Thor 2 is announced.
The Captain America story is straight forward in this movie, streamlined (for the bridge & set up) as the movie mainly focus on Steve Rogers actually becoming the FIRST AVENGER and earning the right to be a Captain. He must overcome some circus show crap in order to gain the trust, love and respect of his fellow brothers in arms. It’s almost like the movie gives you three stories in it. One, Who is Captain America and How did he get started. Two, origins of Red Skull. Three, Why is Captain America the leader of the Avengers.

So, if you want to see the Avengers, I recommend it. If you want to see a Marvel Super Hero movie because you generally like movies with MARVEL characters in it, I recommend it. Is it the best? No, is it terrible? Faaaar from it. It’s a cool movie. Rent it or what ever!

Now watch out for Captain America to be huge in the Avengers movie (I predict that THOR will steal the show).

Here is the Avengers Trailer.


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