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The Thor Movie was Better than I Expected

If you’ve clicked on this post, I am sure you have noted the date and may say to yourself “This kid is uber later!” My response, Yes! So what! Life happens, what is important that I finally got to see it. Especially before the actual AVENGERS movie comes out on May 4th (I can’t wait!).

My Thor movie review will be simple and easy with out no spoilers (like I do with any other reviews). Basically, I will lightly speak on things to help you decide to watch it or skip it.

Peep the trailer!

First, let me start about the man playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth. Chris did a great job, and I couldn’t figure out if I had seem him before. While writing this post, I had to look it up & sure enough I did see him in the movie Star Trek (2009) as George Kirk. Crazy what a little facial hair and make up can do to a person. With that said… does any one else had the feeling that Brad Pitt could’ve played this role? Even further, did any one feel that Chris Hemsworth could’ve played Achilles in the move Troy? Great casting!

Make no mistake about this Thor movie, it is what I like to call “a bridge movie” & “a set up movie.” The bridge, you all know about, basically just like Captain America & all the other ones, its setting up the Avengers movie. The “set up” part is creating a series out of THOR for maybe 2-3 more movies. Thor 2 is already confirmed.

The story was well written to keep any one up to speed at a basic understanding to a specific super heroes universe. Meaning, if you’ve never ever read a Thor comic in your life, you won’t need to in order to enjoy this movie. As a matter of fact, it schooled me to Thor’s group that he leads in battle during this movie. For me it’s Thor or the Avengers, with this movie I’ve learned that he actually had a “crew” before meeting up with the Avengers.

By the end of this movie, you will understand the role of Loki (Thor’s brother) and why he is going to be in the Avengers movie (the bridge). Also by the end of the movie you will understand why there will be a part two (the set up).

Okay, here is some details with out spoils. Thor is the son of a King awaiting to take over, Loki, is his brother. Thor is a man of war (which is good and bad) & Loki is a man of words (good and bad as well). Thor in the beginning of the movie is a completely different person towards the end & this brings you to the Thor you may have seen in the cartoon Avengers movie. Because of Thor being cocky lil s.o.b he is stripped of his powers and gets sent to Earth & have to prove himself worthy of being the future king of Asguard (where he is from). This is the turning point of the movie. This is also where the movie gets “ha ha ha” funny.

Like I said, well written.

While Thor is on Earth there is a “plot thicken moment number 7” happening (that’s what I say to myself when watching a movie, you know stuff always get worse when the main character has to “find him/herself”). You will experience backside deals, loyalty, and power struggles during this point of the movie, and none of it is cheesy. You will be happy to know that!

Again, with out spoiling certain parts of the movie, you know this much… Any time a “super hero” is out and about, there is always a woman either; missing her man or discovering the man. At this point, I thought it was both, but if you have seen the movie, what did you think?

Moving along, by this point of the movie, if you’ve seen Iron Man, The Hulk, and the Captain America movies, you should’ve realized that the men in black suits are the same damn people from the other movies (the bridge) and that they are the main factor in this movie, stronger presence in this movie, more than any other movie. You should also keep track of the one dude that is helping the guys in black … I’ve said too much (the bridge).

Overall, even with out the Avengers tie-ins, this movie is a GO for anyone that enjoys the other Marvel Comics movies. For the hardcore Thor and Marvel Universe people, I cannot speak for them, but most of them seem to really enjoy this movie. Sometimes, with any movie taken from a book/comic book and turned into a movie, there always seem to be a conflict in the story, which can be bad but good at the same time. From what I know of Thor, this movie hit enough of what I knew to be a true Thor experience for theater and I expect to see Thor get really “god-like” in the Avengers movie or atleast discover those powers so that it will push his second movie (the set up).

This is a movie I would recommend!

Oh yea, shout out to Natalie Portman, she is in this movie and she was also little Mathilda in the Professional, CLASSIC!


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