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Marvel’s The Avengers in 3-D was… Amazing! (Movie Review)

Marvel's The Avengers

Marvel’s The Avengers

Like any of my reviews, I speak to you, not at you. Also, I do not like to spoil, I like to say things to either help you keep your money or go enjoy some entertainment. With that said… THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! If you want deeper details I recommend reading the “I am IpodmanMarvel’s The Avengers – Movie Review. I respect his opinions & reviews.

To the super hero fans, this may have been one of the best ever created. I spent $18.50 to watch this in 3-D. I hate spending that much money on a movie, but I have to say that this was MONEY WELL SPENT.

Before I go into the actual movie, I want to talk about the 3-D aspect. The movie did a great job of not compromising itself for the 3-D crowd. No scenes felt forced as they are in other movies. Some 3-D movies, which will rename nameless, had OBVIOUS moments where I am like “Oh, yea, that shot was unnecessary” and it took me out of the zone of the movie. YOU WILL NOT HAVE THAT HAPPEN IN THIS AVENGERS MOVIE. I believe, they shot the movie so well, that you will forget that you have the glasses on your face, once it starts. That is a great accomplishment & not meant to be a downer. In 2011, I saw four 3-D movies that were so annoying to the eye & one of which I kept saying, “Why are we watching this in 3-D? There is nothing going on!”

From the time this movie starts, they GET RIGHT INTO IT. They don’t waste any time. Which really made me happy since I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long (and had to wait an extra week just to see it!). The pace of it is awesome. The story & screen play is amazing!

The story of the movie is always about the villain, however. Marvel’s The Avengers is showing you how those individual superheroes become ONE UNIT to fight for a common goal. Through out the individual movies, you should have learned that Iron Man was/is going to be the hardest to play ball as a team. You get to Iron Man make that journey. But the bigger question is, how do you get The Hulk (not Banner) to play ball? Boom! Mind Fucked!

As they struggle to unite The Avengers, Loki is running a muck and it makes him seem less-of a pussy and more of a mastermind that can kick your ass. Loki upped his ante in this one as the REAL villain & not playing sub-villain like he did in the Thor movie (well DONE!).

It’s funny, it’s serious, it’s well written, it’s enjoyable from front to back.

Okay, now on to the actual Marvel’s The Avengers movie. Let me start with the characters.

Nick Fury – Gets his hands dirty! Yes!

Agent Phil Coulson – Gets his hands dirty too! Expected & delivered!

Agent Maria Hill – Not Bad!

Hawkeye – Yo! Hawkeye did his thing! Bravo! They’ve built him up nice from the Thor movie into this one. Yes!

Black Widow – Do not be put off by her not having “actual powers.” She is down for a reason; she’s been in the Marvel universe for a reason. You will get a GREAT reason to appreciate & respect her in this movie. That is all I can say.

Thor – They tied his story up very well to his solo-movie. They removed one factor & they addressed it very well, I enjoyed the Thor movie & would love to see another. This movie kinda facilitates that possibility. Him in the movie… it made perfect sense. (No Spoilers!)

The Hulk – I know many people were upset about Ed not being the Hulk (I was too)… KILL THAT NOISE! This is ONE OF THE BEST HULKS, EVER! Like, for real. If you’ve seen “Hulk vs.” cartoon-movie, the Hulk is LIKE THAT! To me, the correct size, the correct BEAST! Mark Ruffalo, kudos bro! You did an excellent job as both Banner and Hulk. That is all I will say.

Captain America – Okay, for me, in this movie, he earns his title “Captain” amongst the avengers & I now didn’t see the Human Torch like I saw in his solo-movie. Two thumbs up soldier.

Iron Man – This guy was on point, but the Iron Man solo-movies should’ve been an indication of that. Not only did he live up to it, but for me, he went hardcore in this movie.

If I had to give TOP 3 Show Stealers in this movie: 1) The Hulk. 2) Iron Man. 3) Captain America. What is yours?

If I had to complain about anything… There is ONE scene where I was like… “Hey! They have not confirmed that he’s on board yet!” This is NOT a spoiler, you’ve all seen it, in fact, through out the ENTIRE promotional period, it’s in your face… That’s all I will say.

This movie lives up to all the promotional gimmicks and hype. I cannot stress that enough. You don’t want to see it in 3-D? That’s cool, but go see it!

Like honestly, I don’t want to say anything else.




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One thought on “Marvel’s The Avengers in 3-D was… Amazing! (Movie Review)

  1. Wow, I am very honoured to be mentioned in your review 😀

    My top 3 show stealers are 1) Hulk 2) Black Widow 3) The big reveal in the credits, that was awesome!

    Posted by Ipodman | August 3, 2012, 6:08 am

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