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Top Influential Southern Rappers by Lil Scrappy and Snow (ME)

DJ Vlad & team got a chance to sit with Lil Scrappy and they wanted him to name his TOP 5 Influential Southern Rappers. If you know your music, you know this should be a TOP 10 question, not five. Once Lil Scrappy starts answering, the other names come to his head. To see what he said, watch the video. If not, skip over.

SOURCE: Lil Scrappy Names His Top 5 Influential Southern Rappers

Now here are the TOP INFLUENTIAL Southern Rappers that he named, yes, it was more than five. No Ranking.

Lil Scrappy’s Top Influential Southern Rapper

  • OUTKAST (André 3000 / Big Boi) ***
  • T.I. ***
  • Rick Ross
  • Lil Wayne ***
  • Trick Daddy ***
  • UGK aka Underground Kingz (Pimp C / Bun B)
  • 8Ball & MJG ***
  • Scarface ***
  • Ludacris ***

*** Denotes that Snow Agree very strongly

Personally, I like his listing and agree with most of it. The Rick Ross one is debatable for my listing, but I strongly agree with Lil Scrappy’s mentioning of him. For you Rick Ross haters, just think about it… Remember Lil Wayne when everyone liked/loved him… He was on FIRE for like 3 years straight. Rick Ross is doing that. Those marked with “***” would’ve been the first few names out of my mouth if I was asked, and I wont repeat those names.

Okay, now it is time for MY TOP INFLUENTIAL RAPPERS. My measurements for this is simple & releative to me. I am based off Visibility, Trend, Lyrics/Production, Party, and if they forced me to listen to other “like” artists from that region. That’s fair? It better be, because I bought those records!

Snow’s ADDITIONAL Top Influential Southern Rapper

  • Master P (including the No Limit Soldiers movement)
  • Three 6 Mafia (includes solo projects & Project Pat)
  • Cash Money Millionaires (Hot Boys and Big Tymers)
  • Jermaine Dupri
  • Lil Jon
  • Young Jeezy

Remember, those marked with *** on Scrappy’s list Snow Agree very strongly with and OPT to not RENAME them.

What are YOUR top influential Southern Rappers?


About Snow Addy

My name... Snow... Occupation... I get paid to play with websites... Industry... Music Entertainment, the Catalog stuff... but only the best of the catalog. I am a graphic designer at heart & I cheat on my heart with Web Designing, but currently I am cheating on Web Designing with being a Web Master... so who is the Mistress, lol.


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