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Wii U for $299.99 = 8GB vs Wii U for $349.99 = 32GB? GTFOH!

Just read the Wii U Price Announcement & Release Date article on LifestylesDefined.com. Man oh man, do I see the setup already. There is information missing. But I am going to SPECULATE hard right here.

I’m tired of being supportive. I must say SELL on this product now. If the Wii U is suppose to be UP TO the PS3/Xbox360 scale now… than a 32GB system is D-O-A!

Wii U 8GB model is the white version the black version is 32GB, JOKES!

Why is it DOA? Because NOW the Wii U can get PS3/X360 games of today… Which is why [TODAY] you cannot buy a PS3/X360 w/ ANYTHING under 120GB.

IGN Video link at the bottom. Read the comment section too!

PS3 pisses me off bc i gotta waist memory just to install the damn game b4 i play. X360 wins in this department as it is OPTIONAL.

Both X/P gets TONS of DLC… DLC runs from 1gb – 4gb… My BF3 on PS3 “save game data” is just under 8GB for THIS GAME ALONE. This doesn’t include the INSTALL which was something like 3-4GB by itself. This is a minimum of 12GB for ONE GAME… BYE BYE 8GB Wii U! SMH.

32GB should be THE STARTER! why is it a 4x difference btwn the two. 24GB Difference! GTFOH!

With all that said, NINTENDO is slick! They will make sales on November 18th in the US. This product is dropping BEFORE the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY 2012 season to kick off X-Mas shopping season. Christmas actually starts right after Halloween, lol. The UK do not get it until November 30th. Now why is this important? The USA will kill each other on release day and BLACK FRIDAY for this product creating massive SOCIAL NETWORKING BUZZ which will induce MEDIA BUZZ that will force the UK people to really buy into it (this excludes the loyal fans of the brand already). SMH. Marketing.

One more thing… Why the white one is the smaller 8GB versus the black one being the larger 32GB one? LOL. Sorry, I had to make the joke. I said it as soon as I noticed the difference. Console confusion. Now to clean up the joke. That Mario RED and BLUE will more than likely be 2x the black one. Money!

Source: In Response to lifestylesdefined.com Post

IGN.com Video: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/09/13/wii-u-price-release-date-announced


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6 thoughts on “Wii U for $299.99 = 8GB vs Wii U for $349.99 = 32GB? GTFOH!

  1. I was a bit worried when I read your article but I recently seen that Nintendo plan to allow external hard drive connect-ability for the Wii U. At the rate hard drive space per dollar is decreasing they say it will be more cost effective for consumers to use there own hard drive to bump up the space per their requirements.
    Interested to hear more on this.

    Posted by JohnPaul Feehily | September 15, 2012, 6:19 am
    • Thank you for the comment and LOL sorry for the scare. Also, Thank You for the follow up link. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      I’m sure Nintendo caught backlash from their true fans about the HDD & followed up quickly with that. It is a serious issue. Personally, I do not think it is cool for a consumer to spend an addition $60 for a 500GB (or more) external HDD. I own a PS3 currently and I do not do it. Also, it does not work as insinuated.

      HDD prices are not going down as of yet due to the flooding that happened. May not change until another 8 months. Prior to the flooding, it was open season. More and more faulty drives are coming up these days.

      They should clarify this in depth asap. Read times, types of drives (NTFS vs FAT32), USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 speed, etc etc. Will it be able to read as fast as or will it increase loading and potential lag for online dlc based games.

      If they can secure the BEST OF THE BEST from an external connection and say it will work as fast and reliable as the internal one… then I would buy the 8GB version and spend the extra $50-60 HDD to beat the second option of 32GB’s for $350.

      I wonder how many people might do what I just said, if they do not care about the color of it? Also, external hard drives are built for backup storage and not active read/write unless you buy one for that (more $ of course).

      Posted by Snow Addy | September 15, 2012, 12:19 pm
  2. nintendo games are small you can put 50 games on 512 mb of storage soo 10 mb per game thats 3,200 wii u games soo no hard drive reqiered

    Posted by james braselton | October 22, 2012, 2:46 pm
  3. hi there 8 gb wii u holds 2 hd movies or 8,000 songs or 8,000 pituers 32 gb wii u holds 32,000 songs 32,000 pituers or 5 hd movies 300 songs 300 apps too thats what i have on a 32 gb ipad

    Posted by james braselton | October 24, 2012, 2:33 pm
    • thanks for the information. Are you getting one?

      Also, If they can survive like the Xbox 360 and not like the PS3, then I can understand. The 360 does not require games to install, it is an option. The PS3 forces it. In that regard, I am okay with that.

      But if games start requiring HD texture packs (Like EA’s prime games) in order to really enjoy it or if the HALO 4 game forces an install for the multiplayer (under 2gb) I can see this happening on the wii U at some point.

      Mario may not need a huge HD push but ZELDA/METROID would thrive w/ a graphically heavy game. Zelda wouldnt require a second disk or MP but maybe a METROID would. The jury is out.

      Posted by Snow Addy | November 9, 2012, 11:53 am

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