What is “Corpse Can’t Laugh”?

Corpse Can’t Laugh is a collective of individuals scattered across the barren wasteland of the East Coast of the United States.

Separately, we’re merely slowly rotting bags of flesh, but together we form the strongest force the internet has ever seen (yes, we’re infinitely better than The Awareness).

At the core of the Corpse Can’t Laugh team there are five key individuals, who provide blog content based on their respective specialty areas and interests.  Articles and blogs run the gamut from electronics, general entertainment, music, video games, lifestyle reflections, and sports chatter.  These blogs may be reflective and personal, and other times they may be informative and literal.  Irregardless of content, they’re bound to blow your mind, and usher in reoccurring mental orgasms.  Now that you know what we’re about, take a moment to meet the team:













Snow Addy

Snow’s interests range from dancing, music, and video games.














9th’s interests are focused on electronics, entertainment, video games, art, travel, amateur photography



















Killa’s interests focus staunchly on electronics, specifically mobile devices.

























G0dhand’s zone of interest is centered on electronics and Street Fighter Tournaments, and tutorials to change ones level of skill.



























Solelib’s interests are focused around music and video games, sneakers,


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