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Formula 1 Montreal Canada,

Here is a little visual from Formula 1 in Montreal Canada. Enjoy. Advertisements

Retro Jordan Cement 3s “To the Retro Vault You Go.”

Thats right Black Friday, sneaker stores released the Retro Jordan  3 Cements. Now for all you Sneaker-heads, Hype-beasts, Sneaker Connoisseurs;  or that kid who always wanted a pair of J’s this is one of the many Jordans people have lusted for. Finally back into the “Retro World” once again I know it was a battle to get these, but … Continue reading


So my favorite show, is back. “HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA SEASON 2” !!   If  you have a never watched this show its about to New Yorkers who are  best friends out on their grind trying to create a Clothing line, and their trials and tribulations in starting this line. Between their love lives, … Continue reading

9th.Prophet Journey to Rock the Bells.

So here are a couple shots from Rock The Bells at NYC in Governers Island Lauryn Hill, Nas, Eryka Badu, Mos Def Talib Kweli RZA/GZA ETC!! Good vibes, crowds of LIVE  and HYPED hip-hop fans Read the full story at 9th.Prophet.com  Enjoy Hip-Hop Lovers

Jersey Shore + Italia = Cultural Embarrassment?

Hello all 9thprophet here, I was a on a bit of a hiatus. I have returned and tell me why I turned on the television and the first thing that comes up on MTV,  he Jersey Shore cast in FLORENCE, ITALY. Now already in my mind, I’m thinking to myself man MTV will do anything for ratings, but … Continue reading

Takers + Italian Job = Fast 5

Its 10pm and I just got back from watching Fast 5. Let me tell you this movie has more public destruction than all the other Fast Furious movies put together. The timeline is still correct for now in the Fast and Furious series Tokyo Drift is the last movie if your going in chronological order … Continue reading

White Iphone?? or Iphone 5 lets be Real!

Now I’m  not going to lie the White Iphone4 is sexy and of course its different color than black. Although,  I didn’t exactly have a choice when I was buying my iphone 4 in color. The Iphone capablities are no different white or black, its all the same.  It kinda sounds like i’m being discriminatory, … Continue reading

ABDC Americas Best Dance Crew Returns (April 7th.)

  ABDC finally returns for its 6th season, I know my friend Snownasty isn’t a big fan of this.. But I still enjoy different types of dance. Breaking, Bboying, Isolations, Tutting, Bruk up, Pop Locking, Ticking, Reggae Dances, Salsa and various spanish dancing, Krumping, Dougie, and so on. Every year another crew wins but majorly … Continue reading

Canon T3i Release

Novices and Pro photographers alike, should like this. Yes the Canon T3i or 600D to our European folks. Personally, I enjoy photography though i’m still a novice, and learning day by day as I take my photos. I find that most or at least half of the photographers don’t mind sharing their ideas or thoughts. … Continue reading

Forget “Sucker Punched” I got kicked in the B*!@&% after that movie

Last weekend I had a couple bucks namely 12.50 and I went to see a movie called, Sucker Punched. At the time I was thinking, you have actors such as Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, and Scott Glenn, there is women and action involved i’m intrigued. So story … Continue reading

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