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Wii U for $299.99 = 8GB vs Wii U for $349.99 = 32GB? GTFOH!

Just read the Wii U Price Announcement & Release Date article on LifestylesDefined.com. Man oh man, do I see the setup already. There is information missing. But I am going to SPECULATE hard right here. I’m tired of being supportive. I must say SELL on this product now. If the Wii U is suppose to … Continue reading

Retro Jordan Cement 3s “To the Retro Vault You Go.”

Thats right Black Friday, sneaker stores released the Retro Jordan  3 Cements. Now for all you Sneaker-heads, Hype-beasts, Sneaker Connoisseurs;  or that kid who always wanted a pair of J’s this is one of the many Jordans people have lusted for. Finally back into the “Retro World” once again I know it was a battle to get these, but … Continue reading


So my favorite show, is back. “HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA SEASON 2” !!   If  you have a never watched this show its about to New Yorkers who are  best friends out on their grind trying to create a Clothing line, and their trials and tribulations in starting this line. Between their love lives, … Continue reading

Jersey Shore + Italia = Cultural Embarrassment?

Hello all 9thprophet here, I was a on a bit of a hiatus. I have returned and tell me why I turned on the television and the first thing that comes up on MTV,  he Jersey Shore cast in FLORENCE, ITALY. Now already in my mind, I’m thinking to myself man MTV will do anything for ratings, but … Continue reading

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