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White Iphone?? or Iphone 5 lets be Real!

Now I’m  not going to lie the White Iphone4 is sexy and of course its different color than black. Although,  I didn’t exactly have a choice when I was buying my iphone 4 in color. The Iphone capablities are no different white or black, its all the same.  It kinda sounds like i’m being discriminatory, … Continue reading

Canon T3i Release

Novices and Pro photographers alike, should like this. Yes the Canon T3i or 600D to our European folks. Personally, I enjoy photography though i’m still a novice, and learning day by day as I take my photos. I find that most or at least half of the photographers don’t mind sharing their ideas or thoughts. … Continue reading

Death to BBM! iPhone & Droid Alternatives

Yeah, I said it! Death to BBM, Bitches! Sorry. If you see a post in reference to BLACKBERRY and I [as in Snow Addy] am the author, I am going against BBM… BBM is a whore & and a home-wrecker. lol Enough, with the jokes, down to business. Blackberry is a wonderful phone for business. … Continue reading

Is everyone Riding Ipad’s Coattails? Blackberry PlayBook New Contender?

      What do you know another Tablet. Tablets have been around for years, I mean look at our friends in Japan. I bet people in Japan are now laughing at this, because to them this technology is so old it somewhat humorous. But once Apple gets on board retailers have to jump ship … Continue reading

More iPad 2 Madness! Hands On Video with Scott Lowe (IGN.com)

Yo! Take a look at this IGN video of Scott Lowe giving his hands on impressions with the iPad 2. I will admit, I am very impressed with this iPad 2, however.The people who just bought one a few months ago, have GOT TO BE PISSED… smh. #CCL

Better, Faster, Stronger, Daft Punk? No! its IPAD 2

The long awaited IPAD.. Does it have a cd drive????.. NO! Unfortunately it does not, on the bright side Its Faster, its Thinner, and its comes with a screen protector that transforms into a nice stand for your Ipad. The graphics card has been increased, is pretty damn sexy I might add. It comes in … Continue reading

Apple Event: Ipad 2? There is Another one coming out?!!!

  Well tomorrow they will announce all the magical wonders, that apple will be putting into their new Ipad. Personally, i feel like this, front facing and back facing camera is cool. Just means i can use my skype if i have wifi or paying AT&T 30 bucks a month. Also i will be able … Continue reading

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