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Marvel’s The Avengers in 3-D was… Amazing! (Movie Review)

Like any of my reviews, I speak to you, not at you. Also, I do not like to spoil, I like to say things to either help you keep your money or go enjoy some entertainment. With that said… THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! If you want deeper details I recommend reading the “I am Ipodman” … Continue reading

The Avengers x The Hangover (Parody)

With all the hype for the upcoming Marvel movie “The Avengers” there has been a lot of videos flying around. Some funny, some well put together. I think this qualifies as one, lol. Special “LOL” at The Hangover being compared to that HORRIBLE of a movie called DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR. Hilarious! Enjoy!

Captain America! Thumbs Up Solider! (Movie Review)

Just like the Thor movie that I wrote about, I also give this one a pass as a precursor to watching the Avengers movie coming out May 4th. Now yes, the Captain America movie is also a bridge and set up movie. I mean, the official name of the movie is “Captain America: The First … Continue reading

The Thor Movie was Better than I Expected

If you’ve clicked on this post, I am sure you have noted the date and may say to yourself “This kid is uber later!” My response, Yes! So what! Life happens, what is important that I finally got to see it. Especially before the actual AVENGERS movie comes out on May 4th (I can’t wait!). … Continue reading

Did Snow Like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Hell Yeah!

Let me tell you all about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this is a “go see” movie. Yes, I am giving it the green light. With out giving NO SPOILERS, I will try to tell you a few good reasons why to see this. First reason, Daniel Craig… No, I am serious, Daniel Craig. … Continue reading

Shut The Front Door! Bad Teacher

I’ve heard some random critics & people say that this movie wasn’t good… THAT! My friends… is a lie! End of the day… it is their opinion so I shouldn’t say that… This post will be short and simple! I, on the other hand, happen to find this movie to be  UNEXPECTIDLY FUNNY ASS HELL. … Continue reading

What? A Tribe Movie? Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

“Yo, Microphone check one two what is this…” Yup… A Tribe Called Quest. If you claim to be a Hip Hop head or a Rapper/MC… Don’t talk to me until you’ve seen this movie. What movie? Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, that movie. With out killing details of the … Continue reading

X-Men: First Class is One Class You Don’t Want to Skip (X-Men: First Class Review)

As usual when I write my movie reviews, I will try not to add any spoilers or take away from the movie. I am no critic, I am a paying fan that enjoys movies like everyone else. Now that I got that waste of lines out the way, X-Men: First Class is a MUST SEE … Continue reading

Fast Five has Less Cars with More Action

Okay, so my homie @9thProphet wrote a review on Fast Five when the movie came out. I waited to see the movie. Yes, I saw the movie in JUNE. This article is written NOT TO SPOIL but feed your interest taste buds, if you haven’t seen it already. WHY DID I WAIT? Well, I have … Continue reading

Watch the Priest Kick Some Ass in 3D… Was it good though?

This quick review is a little tardy to the party, I been saw it, just… well… Never mind. With out spoiling the movie, here it goes. So this movie can be summed up quickly. One, there are vampires in this movie. Two, there are some pretty bad ass fighting Priests’ in this movie. Three, a … Continue reading

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