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Retro Jordan Cement 3s “To the Retro Vault You Go.”

Thats right Black Friday, sneaker stores released the Retro Jordan  3 Cements. Now for all you Sneaker-heads, Hype-beasts, Sneaker Connoisseurs;  or that kid who always wanted a pair of J’s this is one of the many Jordans people have lusted for. Finally back into the “Retro World” once again I know it was a battle to get these, but … Continue reading

9th.Prophet Journey to Rock the Bells.

So here are a couple shots from Rock The Bells at NYC in Governers Island Lauryn Hill, Nas, Eryka Badu, Mos Def Talib Kweli RZA/GZA ETC!! Good vibes, crowds of LIVE  and HYPED hip-hop fans Read the full story at 9th.Prophet.com  Enjoy Hip-Hop Lovers

FT-86 Reborn… Only wish I could drive this on Akina Mt.

For my Initial D fans, yes the 86 has been reborn. For some people who don’t know anime car show  Initial D. Was a show about a kid Takumi Fijiwara who made deliveries for his father’s tofu shop. He drove up and down a mountain called Mt Akina. Mt. Akina is known for its deadly … Continue reading

Past Adventures with 9th.P from NY to AFRICA

Today, I was thinking its 2011 and I’ve gone on some good adventures… From NY to Ghana, Africa. Of course on some of these adventures, I was a with my wolf pack or was a solo artist on my adventure. My trips to the “concrete jungle” are always my favorite. Taking the subway from BK … Continue reading

Im Shipping Off to Boston Whoa Oh Oh… 9th.P’s Travels

This weekend decided instead of going to to my favorite place the Concrete Jungle,  I decided I would take a different route. So I said why not go to the Bean, so i grabbed a couple of dollars and bought my one way ticket.  My past experiences of going to Boston haven’t been great, so … Continue reading

Next Weekend Begins the Countdown to: SNEAKERCON!!

    Yes they are back once again, SNEAKER CON .. Sneaker heads, Sneaker enthusiasts, Hype-beasts, Old, Young, Men and Women. They will all be there, selling, buying,  and trading sneakers, and believe it or not I’ll be there. I rather enjoy and Sneaker Con for several reasons, one I can always find that one … Continue reading

You Ain’t See That Double R? That Rolls Royce 102EX?

Look-a-here… I am not about to front like I am going to write about this Rolls Royce 102EX Concept car. All I am going to do is let this CNET’s Car-Tech video tell you what they know from visiting it at the 2011 Geneva auto show. But I will say this… This shit is pretty!Enjoy!

?uest Loves Dunk High

  Attention my SneakerHeads and SneakerGeeks today was the release of the Nike QuestLoves Dunk High or Questo’s to some. This was created by Roots member Questlove. In the past Questlove have been apart of many projects and this just one of the many things he has created that will also enjoy. He made three … Continue reading

Jordan 13 Playoff Edition

Michael Jordan has done it again, For those who avid SneakerHeads, Geeks, and Connoisseurs, Michael Jordan has not only released his Jordan Playoff Editionbut a special treat.. Even though its a little late for Black History, he also in the spirit of African Americans releases his Jordan 3 Black History Month Sneaker.. On my little adventure … Continue reading

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