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My Top 10 Favorite Basketball Game (By Snow)

Over the decades of my life, I’ve played a lot of video games. Inspired by a conversation I had w/ friends, I’ve decided to share My Top 10 Favorite Basketball Games with all of you. There is a video and text to this post. The video gives more detailed to my picks and the post … Continue reading

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta Impressions (Side by Side Teamwork gameplay Video)

Well, gaming season is here people. Hide yo’ kids & hide yo’ wife! For many shooter fans that do not cater to one or another, SEPTEMBER through DECEMBER brings a lot of new toys for us. One of my most anticipated games is getting a follow up, and it is Medal of Honor: Warfighter. As … Continue reading

Wii U for $299.99 = 8GB vs Wii U for $349.99 = 32GB? GTFOH!

Just read the Wii U Price Announcement & Release Date article on LifestylesDefined.com. Man oh man, do I see the setup already. There is information missing. But I am going to SPECULATE hard right here. I’m tired of being supportive. I must say SELL on this product now. If the Wii U is suppose to … Continue reading

Team CCL Playing COOP Mode on Uncharted 3

The Corpse Can’t Laugh team jumped on Uncharted 3 one night and had a blast playing the Uncharted 3 COOP Mission. And guess what? I was able to capture it! LOL. This is Junior (Sully), Kevo (Chloe) and myself, Snow (Drake) playing the Uncharted 3 Co-Op Adventure mode on NORMAL. The map is Chapter 1 … Continue reading

The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta is Awesome!

Gather round fellow readers. That’s if you’re still reading and get on down to that old Snow fragging! [Dust off my shoulders] Excuse me, I had to paraphrase Jay-Z’s opening line from his “Ruler’s Back” song. Sorry for the long delay in posts… Life happens. I come to you today, happy in the world of … Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto is BACK! GTA V Debut Trailer

This is what a lot of us have been waiting for. I cannot front, this game looks amazing! What are your thoughts on what you’ve seen in the trailer? Can’t see the video? Watch it at http://www.rockstargames.com Rockstar, you’ve done it again!

Snow Goes 2 Guns up in his Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay and Commentary

What’s up ya’ll? This is Snow, writing to you again about BATTLEFIELD 3. Yes, I got my hands on the BETA & had a blast with it. Now, again, this is a BETA so of course there were a slew of issues to be ironed out. The game was still enjoyable & I am happy … Continue reading

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Gameplay with Snow on Team Objective Mode

So, Snow is back again with another game video. This time, I will be showing some of my Uncharted 3 Multiplayer gameplay. The mode is known as “Team Objective Mode.” Have a look & leave some of your thoughts on the game itself. If you can’t view the video, then visit watch it at our … Continue reading

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Sept 29th & Medal of Honor Players get it on the 27th

Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Sep 29th!!!! And if you have purchased Medal of Honor last year, you get it 2-days earlier on the 27th!!! Full details below are from the official Battlefield.com blog. LOAD UP! We are happy to announce that the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts Thursday, September 29th! Running until October 10th, the Battlefield 3 … Continue reading

PlayStation Plus Members… Green Up! SOCOM 4 Multiplayer-Beta Starts on March 22nd!

SOCOM, SOCOM, SOCOM. Yes, I am very happy to have the full SOCOM game experience this time around. Yes, I am very happy that Zipper is back behind the steering wheel. No, that does not mean I am taking a cheap shot at Slant Six Games for the SOCOM: Confrontation game. I commend them, and … Continue reading

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